Murano Eyewear

Quality, Efficient, Reliable

Murano Eyewear Ltd has been successfully trading in England since 1998, and has become a well-established & highly respected supplier of Italian Design spectacle frames. We only supply Independent Opticians with high quality products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our reputation has grown among the independent opticians due to our genuine commitment to high quality, supplying requirements effectively & efficiently, excellent customer service and fast delivery.

We are constantly expanding our range by introducing contemporary new styles taking particular attention to the market trends and innovations. Our styles range from the traditional, being stylish and elegant, through to fashionable, some with Swarovski crystals for that glamorous look.

Murano’s commitment is to keep working hard to give a professional service and care by understanding and conducting business around the individual needs of the independent retailer.

The frame should mirror the wearers’ personality and be – Comfortable – Fashionable – Practical

All our stocks are held here in the UK

The Murano brand stands for quality, design, integrity and product wearability.

Here at Murano we like to think that we trade in a fair, honest and professional approach with our customers giving them advice, support and commitment for our products in the ever-competitive market.

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